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I've Said Too Much Vol. II

by 6bq9



This is the second of a planned series of 52 albums, one a week for a year with 7 10 minute tracks.

The fertilizing, overgrowing and pruning back starts to show here. This was an excellent week of listening. I use headphones at work and have it at a low listening level and just let it run all day. I was worried at first that I would get tired of it looping in the background, but before I started this project I was listening to a random mix of about 1000 tracks I had recorded live or in the studio over the last 4 years. And much of that was repetitive. Not as repetitive as FM radio, but still many different live versions of various "songs." So perhaps that prepared me for this in some way.

The most radical change this week was a complete change out of the drum track. Much of the other changes were differences in instruments and arpeggiation/other rhythmic repetetive effects were applied to the tracks. Most of the note editing has been to delete and then stretch out remaining notes to let the rhythmic effects play out to their fullest. I like the way that arpeggiators can be treated as melodies within melodies and chord progressions within chords. Which fits with one of my themes for this project: If the mind is composed of patterns of connection to neurons and patterns of activity among those connected neurons, then a conscious person is a pattern and a conscious musician is a pattern making musical patterns that cause patterns of neural activity in the people who listen to them. And that is what people listen to music for. The enjoyment of patterns of neural activity. I don't know that listening to the musical artifacts of my pattern making patterns to cause patterns that modify the previous pattern to produce new patterns will produce neural patterns you will find enjoyable. I doubt that even if the process makes me a more relaxed and focused person that it will have that effect on anyone else just by listening to a track a day all day for a year since no one else will have also had the ability to edit the project file to tailor it to their proclivities. I do think that the music it has produced so far is quite enjoyable "Music To Read Books By" as I like to say.

This is probably now my standard add-on here for a while.
The project has this structure:
1. start with an Ableton Live file with 4 instrument tracks that can be looped out to 10 minutes. If less than 10 minutes, if it can be multiplied to 10 minutes it can stay as it is, otherwise it has to by duplicating the project and truncating it at 10 minutes.
2. listen to the resulting track all day at work on repeat.
3. make a copy of yesterday's project file and "nudge" it toward producing a focused and relaxed "Flow" state of mind while listening on repeat at work writing code the next day.

At the least, it has been very relaxing.


released March 18, 2014


all rights reserved



6bq9 Portland, Oregon

Currently working on Experimental Dance Music From Limbo

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